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For years IT and Communications companies have been supplying businesses with a lot of physical hardware or "boxes", because that's how they made their money and how things were done.

A lot of these boxes were very complicated and many people found that they needed a degree just to be able to use them and a team of technical geniuses to keep them all going, not good for a small business.

Eventually all hell would break loose if a few years down the line you needed to upgrade or replace the system to access new capabilities or move premises because of expansion.  Each box and all its complex cabling would start to feel like a ball and chain holding back your business and things would start to get pretty stressful.

Some companies even found themselves in the most difficult position, faced with a huge bill for capital outlay and no cash to fund it....but they desperately need a new system!

Thankfully things have changed with the development of the Internet and what once required large capital outlay, support staff, complicated learning curves, and a lot of hope that it would expand and grow with you are now things of the past.

VoIP or cloud based based phone systems are no longer ideas for tomorrow, they are moving into mainstream use and if you are serious about using ICT to grow your business, you should seriously consider VoIP.

To help you understand more about VoIP and what it can do for you we've put togehter this guide and tried to be as unbiased as we possibly can.

In it you will see;

  1. Why you no longer have to spend your hard earned cash on large capital equipment spends which just depreciate, and have access to high end features that only big businesses would normally be able to afford.
  2. How your business can grow and expand without having to constantly worry about whether your voice communications services will grow with you.
  3. That working remotely and on the move is simple and easy to do if you make the right choices about which VoIP services you select in the beginning.
  4. Ways that you will make immediate savings using a VoIP phone service yet not compromise on service.
  5. What features you need and which ones you don't need.

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