FutureLine is a range of cloud based solutions which include FutureLine VoIP which is a new way to manage telephony. FutureLine VoIP incorporates various Cisco phone systems that will grow and change with your
business. Rent, Lease or Buy...
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Which FutureLine Product or Service is right for you?

You need a professional, reliable I.T. solution, but which option is right for you and your business? Should it be " in the cloud " ( Hosted ) or should it be " on premises " ?


FutureLine Network

One of your most important decisions is the type of connection you will use to connect with other phone and internet users and the capacity of that connection. There are lots of things to think about here such as the number of simultaneous users; the type of traffic that will be travelling over that connection ( a mixture of voice , video and data ?? how much of each ) ; how vital is that connection ( do you need a back-up ? ); the security of that connection etc etc.


FutureLine Security

What are you trying to secure against ?? Virus's ? Intrusion into your network ? Staff accessing particular websites ?? Let's define what type of security you are talking about and then we can discuss possible solutions.


FutureLine Hosting

What sort of applications and/or devices are you looking at hosting ?? 


FutureLine Back-up

You have data to back-up. How much ?? What type of data is it ?? How often do you need to back it up ??


FutureLine VoiP

You need a professional, reliable phone system, but which option is right for you and your business ??

If none of the options below seem quite right please contact us and we will discuss your particular requirements in more detail. 

If you are looking for more information on other cloud based solutions then please ask us about these.





You know about telephony and IT and you want to buy individual 'parts' of a phone system or trunk connectivity...

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You want a low start up cost, easy to budget phone system for 4 or less handsets...

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You want a single monthly bill for all your phone needs and you want more than 4 handsets...


You want a single monthly bill and have some specific requirements, such as call recording, tannoy, operator software etc...