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Cloud Computing demands proactive network management


A couple of items concerning the need for proactive network management when Cloud Computing solutions are deployed caught my attention this week.

The first was that Cisco was offering it's U.S. partners a cloud based solution called OnPlus


to enable it's Partners to " efficiently deliver managed network services "  ( N.B. This Cisco service is not available in the U.K. yet ).

The second was the news that Google has persuaded Spanish Bank BBVA to use it's cloud services



" BBVA's data would not reside on dedicated servers - a solution known as private cloud - but would sit distributed across the public cloud of Google's data centres. Both Mr Marotte and Ms Herranz stressed this would meet the demands of banking regulators and data protection officials, and be as secure as any solution on the bank's premises.

A bigger worry will be whether BBVA's computer network will be able to cope with the sharp rise in network traffic that cloud-computing solutions demand.

A pilot with 7,000 staff had not seen any issues, but the bank would closely monitor for any increases in network load. "Our biggest worry is around video conferencing," said Ms Herranz.

Network issues were blamed on serious performance problems when several years ago Google apps were introduced by the city of Los Angeles. "

So, BBVA's biggest worry was the sharp rise in network traffic that cloud computing solutions demand.




This is why we at FutureLine and Poundbury Systems built a Network Operations Centre
( N.O.C.) with network analysis, monitoring and management capability YEARS AGO.

In fact the technical expert here at Poundbury and FutureLine, Mike Jenkins, was building Managed Data Networks in the 1990's ( sorry to out your age here Mike !! ).

We have always been leaders in promoting " convergence " ( let's describe it as running voice, video and data over an IP - data - network ) but we have also always been realistic about the effect of adding e.g. voice and video applications onto a data network and ( probably to our cost in some cases ) we have always pointed this out to our prospective clients and customers.

This is one of those cases where there is no free lunch !!

The people at BBVA were quite right to cite this as their biggest worry. Adding voice and video onto a data network is DEFINATELY going to create issues.

The best thing to do to avoid the worst possible scenario ( a complete  network outage or loss of one or more of the services ) is to plan ahead, to test ( as BBVA have done ) and to monitor on an ongoing basis.

Cisco knows that most of it's partners can build data networks; they probably have some analysis and network management knowledge and capabilities BUT if they are to ensure that Cisco based cloud computing solutions work they are going to need more knowledge and capability.

Again, Cisco is doing the right thing by providing a service like OnPlus and promoting it to it's partner base.

I often say that nothing much has changed in the last 10 years ( might have to start saying 15-20 years soon !! ) and the only thing that is really changing here is that people are demanding more and more from the humble data network. 











Interesting video on another Google customer.
Posted @ Thursday, January 12, 2012 8:25 AM by Chris Windley
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