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FutureLine is a range of cloud based solutions which includes FutureLine VoIP which is a new way to manage telephony. FutureLine VoIP is a range of Cisco phone systems that grows and changes with your business. You can Rent, Lease or Buy FutureLine VoIP solutions.






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Cloud Computing in all colours of the rainbow available


Following the recent announcement by Microsoft and HP that they have signed a 4 year agreement to supply Cloud Computing in any combination of colours and flavours available there must be a solution to almost everything ??



Yes, you need to know your private networks from your hybrid and your public networks and you need to understand that information that goes over the Internet is not as secure as information that goes over private networks but most of all you need to understand what you as a business want from your Information Technology and Communications.

The old way ( on your premises based technology ) may be the best for you but that can only be determined by an understanding of your business needs and your risk tolerance.

Backing up data across the cloud may be the way to go but as this research shows


backing up across the cloud may just mean swapping one set of risks for another.

It is interesting to note that big I.T. companies like H.P. and Microsoft ( even if they are referred to as " a slightly dyamic duo " ;-) are fully supporting the Cloud Computing concept and judging by all the radio and T.V. advertising that Microsoft are doing more and more people are going to be asking questions about Cloud Computing. 





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