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Where there's metal there's money!


My son learned an early lesson about the value of metal thanks to one of his friends. We had loaded up a skip with different items of rubbish and included in that were some old radiators from the house. One of my sons friends asked him if he could have the radiators out of the skip and he said yes. Later he recieved a text from his friend saying that he had received around £120 from the scrap metal dealer for these radiators. My son was livid and I think annoyed with himself for not realising the value of this metal.



He now collects metal parts from his various car projects religiously - car bodies, engine parts etc - and every now and then takes them to the scrap dealer. He has also learned that the price of metal fluctuates up and down. A trailer load of metal scrap is not always worth the same amount. I don't think I have told him about the correlation between metal prices and the state of the global economy yet but I should do. The one to watch ( I am told ) is the copper price.



which have more than tripled since 1980 and apart from a crash in 2008 - 2009 is now trading at record highs. ( You will probably be aware that gold, silver and platinum prices have done a similar thing ).

So, a lot of people know that metal is worth money but we tend not to know exactly how much or what things are made of.

We, generally speaking, think of I.T. , audio, video and other electronic and electrical equipment - computers, displays ( v.d.u.'s ), amps as becoming unusable after a time ( they don't run the latest software etc ) and having little scrap value ( which is why we take them to the tip ).

This is sort of true but as this article says



the devil is in the detail. In summary lots of something e.g. computers is worth more but as they put less of the valuable stuff ( metal ) into them in the first place they tend to be worth less at the end. Having said that it was a surprise to know that the use of tin solder has actually pushed the price up ( and the reliability of things down ).

So, unless your I.T. systems are very old ( when they used to put lots of metal in them ) they will not be worth much ( metal scrap value ).

The article also talks about the value of scrapped car parts e.g. the platinum in catalytic converters - but there is also money in recycling car parts.

Hidden within the detail of the rationale behind LKQ's recent acquisition of Euro Car Parts



is the fact that LKQ is a massive recycler of used car parts in the U.S. ( You are probably vaguely aware of the fact that there are now some huge vehicle scrap yards in the U.K. and around the world who are scrapping and recycling car parts ) and intends to bring this knowledge to ECP ( who had already started using recycled - used - car parts ) so that ECP can sell original, aftermarket ( copy ) AND recycled car parts to it's customers e.g. those that are repairing damaged vehicles which are the subject of insurance claims.

Oh yes, where there is metal there is definately money !!! 












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