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FutureLine Moon Datacentre Opening Soon !!


As everyone knows the chances are that one day we will go the way of the dinosaurs when an asteroid slams into the Earth and creates perpetual darkness.



Here at FutureLine we think it would be nice for some of the family snaps to survive just in case there is someone else in one of the Billions of universes that might be interested.

Although we know Richard Branson we have not yet secured our tickets on the Virgin Galactic " Last flight out " so we might actually have to live with ( or die for ) Armageddon.

So, the FutureLine Moon Datacentre is mainly for us but we though we would give you guys the chance to get some storage space there aswell.

More impetus was generated for this project when one of the readers of our recent " What the heck is Cloud Computing ? " blog post let us know that she carries around her data on a hard drive which she keeps in her B.A.B. ( Big Ass Bag ). This is because she might need that information when she is out on the road and she doesn't want to leave it at home but neither does she trust one of those  Earthbound " Cloud Storage Datacentres ".

She was sort of interested when she first heard about the idea of " storing her data in the cloud " as this seemed like a good half way house between Earth and the Moon but when she discovered that " In the Cloud " did not mean somewhere in a nicely moving Cumulo Nimbus she went off the idea.


The thing is that there are no " totally safe storage places ". I mean a hard drive carried around in a B.A.B. might seem like a cool solution but it does not really avoid some fairly typical loss scenario's like: Losing it in when you go shopping; Having it snatched; Reversing over it in the car of the dog's thinking it's a big biscuit.

Even a hard drive left at home could be subject to a " catastrophic disk failure " or an Act of God that could take the whole house out.

Of course lots of people get paranoid about storing personal or business data " in the terrestrial cloud " i.e. in an Earthbound data centre.

There isn't really a perfect solution. Most people have multiple devices that they use - P.C.'s , laptops, iPads, phones etc etc and you really want to be able to get any of your data on any device, anywhere. This is Nirvana.

Storing it in a place like a terrestrial data centre looks like the best solution except that if you can't make a connection to that datacentre ( by landline, wireless, satellite or whatever ) then you can't get access to the information stored in that datacentre. In thyat case you are going to have to survive on whatever data you have loaded on the device that you have or you are going to have to resort to the Disc in the B.A.B. approach.

The good news is that it is easier and easier to make an Internet connection from virtually anywhere and therefore you are more and more likely to be able to get access to cloud based data from anywhere with pretty well any device - especially as Moores Law has more effect on these devices ( your mobile phone and PDA or iPad get more and more capable ).

A number of companies are pioneering in resolving this issue e.g. Apple ( iCloud ), Amazon and Google.

If you would like to get some storage space in our Moon Datacentre please contact us via one of the usual methods. 




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