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5 Big issues for Business and IT Departments


According to Dion Hinchcliffe, writing for ZDNet, the issues for Business and IT Departments are Mobile, Social, Cloud, Consumerisation and " Big Data ". 


These are subjects that are very much on our minds for ourselves and our customers.


More and more the mobile phone is people's main way of accessing email and social business. Whilst young people do have mobile's, ipads, laptops and desktops it seems likely that if pushed they would opt for their mobiles first. Some young house mates don't bother with landlines and operate with mobiles alone. Bigger business and older people also rely heavily on their mobiles for access to email, business applications and social business.



2. Social

All businesses are trying to work out how to utilise and integrate social business into the rest of their operations. In an earlier blog today we talked about B.T.'s network outage. How does B.T. provide support to it's customers ? It tries to encourage the use of it's website and various answers to frequently answered questions ( FAQ's ); It ( somewhat reluctantly ? ) provides a phone in facility; it also provides a Twitter page and YouTube videos. It's a similar story with marketing; we know that B.T. does a lot of advertising on TV, radio, press and magazines. People are driven to the website where they can research themselves, ask for online quotations and phone in if required. ( No online chat or social networks that seem to be regularly used for sales ). There is not much integration or co-ordination here - but B.T. would not be alone in this.



3. Cloud

As pointed out in the article on the one hand we have cloud based systems achieving very high levels of reliability - potentially more reliable than " traditional " systems and on the other we have stories of outages of cloud based systems from the likes of for example Amazon and Microsoft. Is there really anything new here - private solutions, well engineered, are likely to be more reliable than public solutions but well engineered public/hybrid clouds can also be very reliable. Great consideration of the risks involved in public based systems is required.



4. Consumerisation

Ease of adoption and ease of use of applications is driving mobile, social business and cloud computing. This is the thing that is going to put more and more pressure on on hard to adopt and use " enterprise " applications.




5. Big Data

The "wider" and " overall " view is increasingly required to get a real understanding on what is going on. For example we need to bring together lots of data to see if our Internet Marketing efforts are working e.g. Where our visitors are coming from - Google search, referrals, blogs, social networking; what they do when they visit or call; what the conversion ratio's are; what works and what doesn't.







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