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Mobile phone geeks are paying Google and Microsoft !!


Recently there has been lots of press coverage of the " mobile wars " - Apple versus Blackberry versus Android based phones. According to some Apple and Android are winning this war and Research in Motion is suffering.

Recently this post 


by Thomas Power of Ecademy featured an interview with Larry Page and Eric Schmidt of Google ( well worth watching ) and they emphasised how important mobile, Android and the upcoming acquisition of Motorola was ( although they could not say much about that impending acquisition ).

In this article here



it becomes clear that Microsoft is also benefitting from Android sales and in fact Motorola is the only major Android based phone manufacturer that has still to complete a royalty agreement with Microsoft.

Arguably Android is the ( open source ) platform of choice for geeks and techies and Google and particularly Microsoft are the last people they want to be supporting.



However, Microsoft's tentacles are everywhere - one more squeeze and they will achieve
" control " of the Android market with Google. This will ensure yet another revenue stream for Microsoft. 

If you are a Microsoft hating geek or techie I don't know where you are going to buy a mobile phone in the future !!






Posted @ Thursday, September 29, 2011 11:23 AM by chris windley
Posted @ Friday, October 07, 2011 2:47 PM by chris windley
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